Workshop: Business Analysis as organizational change
Vortragender: Peter Lefterov, CBAP
Sprache: Englisch
Zeit: 09.05.2014 11:30-13:00


IT projects are organizational change projects in disguise. It’s a fact of life in the BA profession. Yet most of the methods and tools at our disposal stubbornly assume all we need to do is describe a piece of software. This workshop is to present a structured approach to managing a BA project as what it really is – a complex organizational change involving people, processes and systems.

  • The Business Model/Strategy: Goals of the organizational structure undergoing change – how it creates, delivers and captures value delivered to end customers or other organizational structures.
  • Process Alignment: The main processes being done within the organizational structure and how they serve the organizational goals established in the previous step. At this level we’re establishing why the organization is doing a particular process in the first place.
  • Process Analysis: How a particular process is executed and what may potentially change in the logical process flow.
  • Requirements Analysis: What is required to execute the desired process flow. This usually includes specifying required human effort and IT functionalities among others.

Peter Lefterov

Peter LefterovPeter Lefterov, CBAP is an expert with over ten years of experience in systems analysis and process analysis initiatives in Austria, Bulgaria and Ireland. He has studied Computer Science and MBA at the Sofia University and has subsequently participated in various process/IT initiatives in the IT/ telecom, government and banking industries. He is also co-founder of the Austrian and Bulgarian chapters of the IIBA. Peter is part of the core team charged with leading the development of the third installment of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge and is the only european continuously participating in the project since it started in 2011.

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