Keynote: The Strategic BA
Vortragende: Lyn Girvan
Sprache: Englisch
Zeit: 08.05.2015 09:30-10:30


Business analysts are often constrained to working within the IT department. Whilst this is a necessary and valued role there is also scope for BAs to apply their skill set more widely. The business analyst is taught to think holistically, look at the bigger picture and consider options for improvement. As businesses become more complex, so do the business problems and not all of them can be solved by technology.  There is a growing need for BAs to remove the IT shackles and apply their BA skills strategically to improve the business, not just the IT.

Lynda will introduce you to a process for business analysis along with techniques that demonstrate where and how BAs can get involved and add value more strategically.  Sharing her own experiences Lynda will start you on the journey from IT business analyst to strategic business thinker.

Lyn Girvan

Lynda GirvanLyn has over 25 years’ experience in the business analysis and IT field as consultant, manager and trainer in both the public and private sector and more recently an author.  She has worked in enterprise and strategic modelling and analysis, product level consultancy and agile coaching. Lynda has experience throughout the business change and system development lifecycles, and has used traditional ‘waterfall’ and ‘agile’ approaches.

She is a Member (MBCS) of BCS, The Chartered institute for IT, and is an examiner for the BCS’s International Diploma in Business Analysis and Solution Development.  Lynda has extensive experience of adding value to organisations through her business analysis work and is keen that business analysis is utilised much wider than just IT solution development.

Interview with Lyn

We recorded a short interview about Lyn’s contributions to the BA Camp 2015. Listen to it here:

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