Workshop: The Golden Circle of BA Toolkit
Vortragender: Yaaqub Mohamed
Sprache: Englisch
Zeit: 08.05.2015 10:30-13:00


A Manifesto and Framework to Advance Your Business Analysis Toolkit

Using the premise of the “Golden Circle” introduced by Simon Sinek in his revolutionary book “Start with Why” – that succinctly demystifies the secrets of thought leadership – this session is intended to alter and extend this paradigm for BA practitioners.

The Golden Circle of BA Toolkit is a practical and realistic framework for using business analysis to improving business analysis. You will learn the power of understanding WHAT is part of your BA toolkit, analyzing HOW you employ it and determining WHERE you want to take it from an individual or organizational perspective.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Start with WHAT – learn how to perform effective ‘AS-IS’ analysis of your BA toolkit from an individual and organizational perspective using the industry standards (e.g. BABOK®).
  2. Analyze the HOW – learn about the importance of analyzing ‘How’ you perform analysis to establish key performance indicators and establish metrics for success.
  3. Strategize the WHERE – learn how to create an action plan for your ‘TO-BE’ state to improve your and your organizations business analysis toolkit.
  4. Importance of starting with the right question – what happens when you flip the order?
  5. Traversing the Golden Circle – Inside out (direction of real progress) vs. Outside In (direction of quick fixes and broken promises)
  6. Closing thoughts and inspiration

Yaaqub Mohamed (Yamo)

Yaaqub Mohamed (Yamo)

Yaaqub Mohamed a.k.a Yamo, is a passionate and practicing business analysis consultant from Toronto, Canada. He has over a decades experience in software development and has worked in diverse domains such as: Government, Retail, Auto, Property, and Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, Banking, Sales and Marketing, CRM, Cloud Computing, Mobile App Development and the Non-profit sector.

Yamo believes in adding relentless value to the BA community and advancing the practice.  He founded blog and hosts the #1 ranked BA podcast on iTunes to help business analysts throughout the world, do analysis better, by providing educational, relevant, and inspiring content. He’s the author of ‚The Five Pillars of a Great Business Analyst‚, best selling ‚The Ultimate CBAP-CCBA Study Guide‚ and the creator of the revolutionary ‚Ultimate BABOK Kit‚.

Interview with Yamo

We recorded a short interview with him about his contributions at the BA Camp. Listen to it here:

Note: Only the first 25 secons are in German…

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