Karin Schöffegger

Workshop-Titel: Agiles Produkt Management
Sprecherin: Karin Schöfegger
Sprache: Deutsch
Datum: 12.05.2016 10:45-13:00

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About this Session

Agile Product Managers seem to be the new kids in town, but who are they exactly?

Neither is Product Management new, nor is the Agile software development paradigm. But the combination of both goes far beyond another way or writing requirements and managing change requests. It creates the need for a new role that masters a different way of working and thinking. Agile Product Managers bridge traditional business analysis and requirements engineering as well as product management methodologies with agile/lean practices and a strong customer-centric approach.

In this interactive workshop you will learn the principles of product management for software development in agile, fast-paced environments. The workshop will also have a special focus on practical examples and lessons learned that are relevant for companies transitioning from more traditional software development to an agile setup. Participants are highly encouraged to share their own learnings and insights!

Dieser 2,5-Stunden-Workshop findet im Rahmen des BA-Camp am 12. Mai 2016 in Wien statt:

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About Karin Schöfegger

Her passion for an interdisciplinary role, intersecting business, technology and user experience lead her to take on various positions as Business Analyst, Product Lead and Product Manager at IBM and Global Blue in Vienna/Austria for international customers (mainly B2B in insurance and finance industry), applying and shaping different ’shades of agile‘ in business analysis and product management. Karin currently works as Senior Product Manager at Number26, a fast growing Fintech startup (B2C) in Berlin/Germany, where she is responsible for creating a smarter way of banking for the future.

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Interview mit Karin (7 Minuten)

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