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Markus Mattern, Global Media Services GmbH

About this workshop

Collaboration and Innovation – two buzzwords heard many times in the industry. But what is behind it? What does collaboration and virtual teamwork mean? Strengths and weaknesses of collaboration. And what does the term open innovation stands for? How can we use it and how can we benefit from being part of it?

Improve, optimise, problem solving, identify risks, daily business in business analysis. In my session, we will speak about possibilities and use-cases for collaboration and principles of open innovation. We will start with a closer look on how we collaborate and how virtual teams are set up. Including a technical perspective, we will then have a closer look on the environment and daily life. Can this increase or decrease our productivity?

In the second part, we will leave the team behind and increase our reach to an organisational level. Moving our perspective on working with communities. Gaining ideas and productivity by following the principals of open innovation. The power of the crowd can have a significant impact on problem solving and idea management.

Finally, we bring these topics together. “Collaboration meets Open Innovation” – How can business analysis benefit from collaboration techniques and open innovation methodologies. Considering some use-cases and scenarios we will close the session by figuring out key aspects of working in virtual environments.

This 2-Hour-Workshop takes place as part of the BA-Camp on Thu, May 11, 2017 in Vienna statt:

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About Markus Mattern

Markus Mattern is active as a specialist for service and process development and improvement at Global Media Services GmbH in the Rhein-Main Area. Looking back 10 year of experience he is in charge of developing new ways of working and develop current service concepts in the area of video communication and collaboration technologies. A strong personal interest in innovation and learning methodologies he shares his ideas and thoughts in his personal blog next to his presents on several social networks.

Links: Blog English/Deutsch, LinkedIn, Twitter, XING

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