3. Februar 2014 Ingrid Gerstbach

What is the BA Camp?

The BA camp will take place the first time in a german speaking country and will have one german and one english track. In this post we will gibe you a brief insight to what will be expecting you.

The BA Camp 2014 is basically an open space event. But as business analysis is just the very beginning in German-speaking countries, we decided to offer you a mixed form: we want to combine successful elements from conferences together with the benefits of un-conference – to provide the best possible benefits. In general: Each participant is encouraged to make its own contribution. The content of this event is only as good as what we together are making of it! So: Take your place at discussions, shares experiences, forge new contacts, offer workshops and participate in other sessions as an active part.

We will start on Friday morning with a keynote of an international known BA, which gives a first look at the strengths and opportunities of BA. After this it will be exciting in a panel discussion, their stakeholders are discussing their very personal perception about BA (german only) – even at this point, you are invited as participants to be active and ask questions!
So far so good, but after this there will be no reminiscent of a classical conference, except the food 😉

Afternoon workshops
The „how“ of the individual sessions and workshops is not fixed, on the contrary: you are invited to design them by yourself. If want to speak a lecture to a certain theme, keep your own motivational speech. If you want to discusse particular questions, just go for it – everything is permitted, everything is possible as long as all participants are agreeable.
In principle, the sessions and group meetings are scheduled with about 45 minutes. In between, there are about 15 minute breaks to forge new contacts and refresh old ones.

Event on Friday night
An important item in the BA camp is the evening event. We will book therefore an exclusive local and provide the opportunity to develop new contacts and chat with old friends. We will provide the drinks and food, you will ensure a great atmosphere.

Saturday morning
The Saturday morning will be used for morning sessions: New thoughts, that Morpheus has transferred in his dreams to you, will be discussed. In order to bring all at a common point, we will start here as well with a keynote that will give us energy for the next four hours.
After this you will have the chance to continue your latest discussions or to chat about new issues raised and to consider how BA could continue. Anyone who wants will then be invited to present his thoughts in the plenary group.

Who is invited to come and what does he or she need?
Anyone who is interested in the subject of business analysis or has the intention to contribute to the development of the discipline is welcome to participate !
You need nothing except your ideas and knowledge – maybe you won’t miss your notebook, tablet and smartphone, something a BA needs to survive 😉

There will be no dress code for the participants except the one to feel comfortable. There will be no under- or overdressed !
But mostly: Have fun in the exchange and development!

So …
Do not think twice and join the first BA Camp in Vienna!

We are looking forward seeing you there!

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